A Simple Logo is a Memorable Logo

    Something to always consider when it comes to logo design is complexity. While considering complexity, it’s important to understand that the logo is not meant to please you as a business owner. It’s not meant to represent your personal style or taste. Your logo is meant to represent your brand, in the eyes of your customers. More importantly, it’s meant to be a memorable element that resonates with them. A simple logo is a memorable logo, and that is what you need.

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    Sharing from Facebook Business Page

    Are you having problems Sharing from Facebook business page news feed? I was, but I found a workaround.

    Facebook is forever changing things. I understand you want to make the platform better, fix problems and improve the user experience. But sometimes changes introduce new problems.

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    A recent Twitter post brought up this idea, that branding is the management of emotions through various touchpoints. Seemed like a reasonable assertion to me, I too believe that brands manage emotions. But there was another post made, about that post, that disagreed completely. We will refer to this disagreer as “The Individual.”

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