Welcome to Reevl, This is Our Story

    Reevl… What the hell is that? I’m sure you are asking. Well to be perfectly honest, it’s a stretch. I’ll explain more shortly. First a little back story…

    Once Upon A Time

    Reevl, known as Skilled Graphics at the time, was born back in 2007. The economy had just plummeted due to the great recession, and this engineering technician, was out of a job. Luckily I had been developing some skills in photoshop. It was mostly just a hobby but I loved it. Using a computer to create graphics was my passion and it soon became my career as Skilled Graphics, LLC was officially launched.

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    What is a Brand Archetype?

    What is a brand archetype? A brand archetype is a human-like or animal-like character that represents a brand. It’s an effective way to represent the characteristics of a brand as well as its values and personality. From marketing materials to employee training and also for hiring new employees, it is a useful element of a brand. Businesses can find the perfect candidates for job openings by using this technique. If you’re looking for new team members, it’s important to know what type of person would fit best at your company.

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    Introducing The RESULTS Approach™

    After years and years of figuring out what works and what doesn’t work (the hard way), I’m excited to announce our new strategic branding system The RESULTS Approach™.

    The RESULTS Approach™ is a branding strategy that uses strategic research and design to create optimal brand results. Click below if you would like to learn more!

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    Awesome Ways to Make Money Online and How to Protect Your Business

    If you are looking for a way to make more money, either as a side job or your main gig, then you should get online. There are many ways to make money over the internet and there is a job available for almost any skillset. Of course, you won’t become a millionaire overnight, but with proper planning and dedication, you can earn a living without leaving your home.

    Here are some great ideas that you can try today to get your foot in the door and earn income using your own unique expertise as well as some tips for running your business.

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    Tips to Improve Your Website’s Search Result Ranking

    Today we are going to discuss some tips to improve your website’s search result ranking. Let me know if this sounds familiar. You have worked really hard on your website or maybe you paid someone a ton of money to do it for you. It’s taken weeks, maybe months, but finally your website is live, you even have a way to track visitors to your website, but after checking your visitor stats you find that nobody has found your website yet.

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    How to Avoid Common Mistakes Made by Novice Entrepreneurs

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    Starting your own business is a great way to get out of the nine-to-five grind and take control of your professional life. However, many entrepreneurs fail to achieve success because of avoidable mistakes. If you’re pursuing entrepreneurship, you don’t want to meet this fate. Discover some of the most common mistakes made by small business owners and how you can avoid them below.

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    A Simple Logo is a Memorable Logo

    Something to always consider when it comes to logo design is complexity. While considering complexity, it’s important to understand that the logo is not meant to please you as a business owner. It’s not meant to represent your personal style or taste. Your logo is meant to represent your brand, in the eyes of your customers. More importantly, it’s meant to be a memorable element that resonates with them. A simple logo is a memorable logo, and that is what you need.

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    Sharing from Facebook Business Page

    Are you having problems Sharing from Facebook business page news feed? I was, but I found a workaround.

    Facebook is forever changing things. I understand you want to make the platform better, fix problems and improve the user experience. But sometimes changes introduce new problems.

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