A Simple Logo is a Memorable Logo

Something to always consider when it comes to logo design is complexity. While considering complexity, it’s important to understand that the logo is not meant to please you as a business owner. It’s not meant to represent your personal style or taste. Your logo is meant to represent your brand, in the eyes of your customers. More importantly, it’s meant to be a memorable element that resonates with them. A simple logo is a memorable logo, and that is what you need.

Sure, there are many well known companies that have somewhat complex logos. But they are the exception, not the rule. The brain is an amazing thing and it can handle very complex imagery. But the key here is to make it easy for the brain to store information. Just because a car can travel 150 mph, doesn’t mean you should drive it that fast. It’s about safety, and simplicity is the safer bet. Unless you are willing to wager the success of your business, bet on simplicity.

Granted, without risk there is no reward. But a smart gambler knows which risks should be taken and which should not.


As a business owner, you have a particular style and taste… that’s understandable. You want your logo to represent your taste. Well that’s perfectly acceptable… if YOU, are what you are selling. Is this a personal brand? If so, by all means, reflect your personal style in your logo. However, simplicity it still the safer bet.

If you are not selling yourself, and this is not a personal brand, then you have to take your style and your taste out of the mix. It’s not about you. Its about your business, and it’s about those that will utilize it. It’s about connecting with your customer base, and giving them a means to identify your brand. You want them to remember your logo, you want them to recognize it and associate it with the emotions they experience when using your products or service.

For these reasons it’s best to make it as easy as possible for their brains to process those connections. This is done through simplicity. Complexity does what the name implies. It complicates the process. So if you take away anything from this article, take this.. Your business logo should not represent your personal style. Your business logo needs to be easily remembered.


coke simple logo

If the above does not convince you, consider the following. Your logo will be displayed in many places, on many devices, in many different sizes. On huge places like billboards and tiny places like that little icon on the tab of your browser. If your logo is displayed on a tiny browser tab, any complexity will be lost. It would make your logo look like a smudge. Any fine details would be illegible. It would look bad and unprofessional. That is not how you want to represent your brand.

Suppose your logo is on a huge billboard. Surely the complexity and fine detail would easily be legible then. Well, perhaps, but think about when one encounters a billboard. It’s usually on a highway traveling 55 mph or more. You don’t really have time to process all of that intricate detail. And if not, then it’s going to be a problem when it comes to memorability.

Do yourself a favor and keep it simple. A simple logo is easier to remember, more scalable, legible and always the safer bet.


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