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Reevl… What the hell is that? I’m sure you are asking. Well to be perfectly honest, it’s a stretch. I’ll explain more shortly. First a little back story…

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Once Upon A Time

Reevl, known as Skilled Graphics at the time, was born back in 2007. The economy had just plummeted due to the great recession, and this engineering technician, was out of a job. Luckily I had been developing some skills in photoshop. It was mostly just a hobby but I loved it. Using a computer to create graphics was my passion and it soon became my career as Skilled Graphics, LLC was officially launched.

laid off

You see Skilled Graphics started with designing brochures, business cards, and logos… but it grew and it grew fast. Within the first couple of years it was providing for my family. It had become a lot more than some business cards, brochures and logos. We were creating websites, offering hosting services, printing services, animations, you name it we were dipping our hands in it. Skilled Graphics was was helping other people that had also been impacted by the great recission, start their own businesses.

Forming Focus

Over the years something was happening. A focus was forming. My passion for graphic design was evolving. That passion transitioned into a desire to help other businesses become the best they could be. I began to educate myself about what a logo design really represented. This lead to learning more about branding and identity design. And on to strategy and consumer insight. Rather than just creating what a client wanted, I began to ask myself what would appeal to the consumer my client was trying to attract? Why would they pick this brand over the next. I learned how to answer those questions, and began to focus on branding. I was no longer just creating graphics, I was influencing markets and consumers. I had learned how to design in a way that was memorable and appealing to targeted consumers. I learned that there was a lot of psychology and strategy involved in creating successful brands. I learned that I could really help businesses improve their brand awareness and create loyal customers that trusted them.

Completing the Shift

Here we are over 15 years later and Skilled Graphics is internally a completely different company than when it started. The name Skilled Graphics doesn’t represent our focus. We are not about graphics, we are about influence. We are about discovering insight. We are about strategy. We are about branding. Skilled Graphics has treated us well, but it’s time to complete that shift. We have reshaped the core values of our brand over the years and while those values will remain, this rebrand is focused on the name, visual identity and image of the brand.

Watch this short video of how Reevl defeated the odds and created success out of crisis.

The Stretch I Spoke About Earlier.

Reevl, what is it? What does it mean? How is it pronounced?

The idea behind the new branding is… Reveal.
Revealing a true identity.
Revealing consumer insight.
Revealing differentiation.
Revealing a brands personality.
Revealing a brands image.
Revealing what defines a brand.
Reevl™ is based on the idea that most businesses are strong brands that need to be revealed. We simply chip away at the layers to reveal the insight and strategy that is needed to create a strong brand.

The Spelling is a Little Weird

You may look at the word Reevl and the word reveal and think it’s quite a stretch, and I would agree. But one thing I have learned over the years is spelling does not matter in branding. A brand is symbolic of a promise. The golden arches do not spell McDonalds, but that is what enters your mind when you see them. They are a symbol that represents the word as well as the brand. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have gotten something a little closer, but one of the most important factors was domain availability. It’s hard enough to get your hands on a 5 letter domain, it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on one that actually forms a real word.

I was set on a simple wordmark. I wanted something that was short and easily remembered. Another important factor was I wanted something different. This is why I do not mind that the spelling is weird.

The thought behind the logo itself is revealing. Literally. Inspired by an animation called a logo reveal, the VL on the right is revealing the REE on the left.

reveal animation
reevl square logo

The Colors

Blue and Yellow are the colors. I put a lot of thought into this as well. The blue represents trust and loyalty. These are two of the primary goals when it comes to branding. The yellow represents creativity, warmth and optimism, and it also boosts memory and attention. I chose colors that represented the goals of branding and identity design because when it comes down to it, that is the promise the Reevl brand is making.

reevl blue
reevl yellow
reevl slide reveal business cards front open
reevl polo shirt

I’m excited to continue my journey into the branding world and I feel this new identity is a much better representation of who Skilled Graphics truly is. As Reevl we will continue to help other businesses be the best that they can be by revealing the insight that will transition them from a successful business into a powerful brand.

If you would like to talk with us about your branding needs, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss what Reevl can do for your business.

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