Trust Guard Residential Roofing

      Trust Guard Residential Roofing's branding strategy embodies their core values with precision and creativity. Through extensive research, we captured their essence of empathy, reliability, and dedication. Balancing trust and playfulness, our design process resulted in a captivating logo and carefully curated color palette.


      Fox Construction

      Fox construction is a startup construction contractor. They required a brand identity based on a fox.


      Mitchell Edwards Real Estate

      Mitchell Edwards Real Estate is an up and coming real estate agency. They required a new brand identity that would appeal to high end clients.


      Bull Moose Outfitters

      Bull Moose Outfitters is a retail store that sells outdoor gear and supplies. They wanted to incorporate a bull moose into their visual identity.


      Octrium – Brand Identity

      A startup supplement company that offers supplement capsules that support immune health and claim to extend life. Octrium required an identity design that reflected their brand as a friendly company that care about the lives of its customers.

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      Web Designs

      A collection of web designs from previous clients.


      Mango’s – Smith Mountain Lake VA

      Reevl developed the brand strategy and identity design for Smith Mountain Lakes premiere tropical venue, Mango’s. This included an in-depth strategy defining the Mango’s brand as well as a new color palette and logo.

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      Your Blessings Cleaning Service

      A startup cleaning service company that required an identity that best represented their brand. Their brand, YOUR BLESSINGS CLEANING SERVICES is based on blessing others with a clean home.

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      82 BBQ

      We were contracted to facilitate the Identity of 82 BBQ, The Hudson Valley’s best BBQ Restaurant. This would incorporate a new logo, food menu, drink menu and a bit of marketing materials.

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      Queen B Cleaning

      Queen B demanded a majestic identity so we had to use Gold and Purple. Paired with an elegant font topped with a crown this logo deserves a bow.

      Baseball Cap v02

      Kaeden Ballos Motorsports

      Reevl™ was tasked with creating a new identity for a young, up and coming, bandolero racecar driver named Kaeden Ballos and Kaeden Ballos Motorsports. This identity starts with a fresh new logo design that represented Kaeden and his passion for speed.

      small jars

      Daddy Dee’s Honey

      Daddy D was the grandfather. Honey was the Grandmother. In memory of both, their Granddaughter wanted to start a natural honey business and call it Daddy D’s Honey. We were contracted to create a complete branding package from product design and packaging to website and marketing.