the results approach

    Introducing The RESULTS Approach™. A strategic branding system designed to achieve optimal results.

    At reevl™ we have been building brands and identities for over 15 years. Initially it was very difficult and quite the learning process. Over the years however we have nailed down the most tried and true, proven strategies that we know are effective. No more guesswork is needed. We know The RESULTS Approach™ works.


    is an acronym that stands for Recognition, Equity, Success, Uniquity, Loyalty, Trust and Strength. These are the benefits of a strong brand. 

    The RESULTS Approach™ is a strategic branding system designed to improve brand recognition, consumer loyalty, consumer trust, uniquity, brand equity and overall success which ultimately creates a stronger brand. 

    To understand what this involves, let’s look at the terms we have used. 


    Brand recognition is the ability for a brand to be recognized by a consumer. It is the result of a well crafted identity.


    Brand equity is the value that comes from the consumer’s perception of the brand. A positive perception increases brand equity whereas a negative perception would decrease it. This is a value that is not based on services or products yet still increases the overall value of a business.


    Success is achieved when a business is profitable, sustainable and scalable.


    Uniquity is the quality or state of being unique or different. It’s standing apart from the competition.


    Consumer loyalty is the result of a happy customer. When a customer loves a brand so much, they continue to use that brand again and again.


    Consumer trust is formed when a brand makes a promise, and delivers it again and again. This consistent delivery creates a relationship of trust between the brand and the customer. 


    A brand’s strength is determined by its ability to successfully achieve recognition, brand equity, success, uniquity, loyalty and trust. A strong brand is one that is able to consistently deliver their brand’s promise to their targeted consumer.

    Heard Enough?

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    What makes The Results Approach A Strategic Branding System?

    Now that we understand the terms that make up The RESULTS Approach™, we can discuss how and why this strategic branding system works. 

    brand strategy

    The RESULTS Approach™ starts with research as any strategy should. We determine the business model and goals. We research the businesses competitors and create a plan to stand out from them, which creates uniquity. Once that is determined we research who the target consumer is and what their buying behaviors are. In many cases businesses may already have this data. Knowing who the target is, allows us to create a plan to build a relationship of trust with the consumer.

    As we learn more about the business and the target consumer we can start defining the brand and its positioning in the market. This will help ensure success in their market category. Using what we have learned we can further define the brand’s image and personality. And finally we have the data that we need to create an identity that connects with the target consumer. This will help establish the brand’s recognition in the consumer market. 

    The RESULTS Approach™ doesn’t stop there though. Along with the identity deliverables, everything that we discovered is defined in detail and presented to the client with a style guide to help the brand maintain consistency. Consistently delivering the brand’s promise will create loyalty among their customers. With these elements defined and executed consistently the result will be a strong brand that will continue to grow and increase brand equity and overall value. 

    Some elements of the brand that will be defined and delivered as a part of the The RESULTS Approach are as follows. 

    strategic branding system

    Iceberg Model depicting target consumer demographics, psychographics and behaviors.

    Positioning Map depicting the brand’s position in its market category.

    Graphic depicting target, frame of reference, point of difference and reasons to believe

    Position statement

    Brand House Model defining the consumer insight, the market category the business belongs to, point of difference, brand values and the brand personality.

    Brand Manifesto: The values, beliefs and actions of the brand.

    Brand Manifesto

    The Brand Identity: name, colors, logo, typography, photography and any other aspect of the brand’s identity. 

    Printable Design items such as business cards, letterhead, packaging etc.

    Style Guide that outlines logo usage, typography, photography, colors etc. This is a guide that explains all aspects of the brand’s image and how to use and not use the different elements.  

    Whether you are an established business or a startup company, The RESULTS Approach™ will work for your business. If you want RESULTS from this Strategic Branding System … Contact Us today for a quote.