Sharing from Facebook Business Page

Are you having problems Sharing from Facebook business page news feed? I was, but I found a workaround.

Facebook is forever changing things. I understand you want to make the platform better, fix problems and improve the user experience. But sometimes changes introduce new problems.

As you can see above. “Share to Page” is missing. Of course I could simply leave my page, go to the page that posted it, scroll until I find that particular post, and then it would let me share to my page. Or in this particular case that links to another website, I could simply copy the url and create my own post from my page. And that’s fine, but it all requires leaving the page and jumping through hoops.

Weeks ago, it was perfectly fine, I could scroll through my Facebook business page’s news feed, and simply click share, to share an interesting post with my page, from my page. Then one day I go to click share, and I can no longer do that.

Luckily I found a workaround. And I am going to share that with you today. I should mention I primarily use desktop so that is where this workaround works. I am not sure if it works the same on mobile, I have not tried yet. but this is how you can continue Sharing from Facebook business page news feed.


  1. First things first, find a post you want to share. And click those 3 little dots.
Screenshot 2021 08 01 121211

2. Next, Click “Embed”

Screenshot 2021 08 01 121248

3. An embed box will pop up. At the bottom is a little curved arrow. That is the share button. Click it.

Screenshot 2021 08 01 121516

4. This brings up the share box, click the drop down and select “Share on a Page You Manage”.

Screenshot 2021 08 01 121619
Screenshot 2021 08 01 121707

5. Post it. And that’s it. It’s a couple extra steps to share to your Facebook business page, but it doesn’t require leaving the page you are on and scrolling to find the post, to do it.

Screenshot 2021 08 01 121804

I really like it when they introduced newsfeeds to business pages. It made it super easy to share content with your page, and engage with those that Liked your page. So it was very frustrating when this stopped working for me. I am not sure if this a bug, or if they are working on it, but at least this workaround will do the trick for now.

I hope this help you out and makes sharing on Facebook easier. And if since you are on Facebook, go ahead and LIKE our page!

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