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    Daddy D was the grandfather. Honey was the Grandmother. In memory of both, their Granddaughter wanted to start a natural honey business and call it Daddy D’s Honey. We were contracted to create a complete branding package from product design and packaging to website and marketing.

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    Why is Branding & Design So Expensive

    branding & design are so expensive

    Many businesses have run in to it at some point. You get to a point in your journey, where you need an edge, a way to stand out and above the rest, you want to be taken seriously, so you seek out branding and design experts, only to be hit with frustrating costs, that seem unrealistic. Why does design have to be so expensive? 

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    An Example of a Small Branding Project

    There is a lot that can be covered when defining a brand, this is just a small part of what is usually addressed in a branding project.

    identity development

    We usually start off a brand project outlining the overall objective for the business. This example is a relatively simple project as they can get really complex when including things like website styling, brand style guides, brand language and so much more.

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    The Importance of a Branding Style Guide

    BrandStyleGuide Landscape1

    Are you using a style guide to maintain consistency with your brand? Why not? Chances are if you do not follow the guidelines of a style guide for your business, your brand is suffering. A style guide sets the rules for how your brand is presented to consumers. If you are not following some sort of guidelines, your brand will lack consistency, and in turn, not perform at its full potential. Translation… You will miss out on potential income growth. One of the major keys to a successful business, is a successful brand. One of the major keys to a successful brand is consistency. A style guide is one of the most important tools you will receive from a branding package from Skilled Graphics. 

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