You Need To Trust Your Designer


Time after time its happened. I have watched well-crafted and thought-out designs, evolve into disasters. Sometimes what a client wants is not always what’s best for them. The problem is, how do you tell them without insulting them. I usually voice my opinion, and if the client clearly wants none of it, I back off. But should I? My reputation is on the line. Should I push the ideals behind my design?

A client hires a specific designer for a few reasons.

  • They love their work
  • They come highly recommended
  • They are creative
  • They are experienced

The designer has obviously done something that the client is attracted to. Whether it be years of experience, or a great portfolio. My question is, what good is the designer, if there is no trust in his work.

To all Clients….Your designer knows a few things that can greatly impact your business.

  • a simplistic design leads to easy memorability.
  • a busy design may look interesting, but could backfire.
  • there are specific trends that tend to attract the eye of a customer.
  • your designs usability across other mediums is very important.
  • fine details cause a design to blur when the size is reduced.
  • a design should be just as effective in black and white as it is in color.
  • too many fonts can ruin a good design.
  • Your cousins brother-in-law may own his own lawn care business, but he does not know what makes a logo successful.

The list goes on and on, these factors are all determined through experience, and 9 times out of 10, the client does not know these things. Which is why it is so important for a client to trust your designer.

A bad design can ruin a business. Trust Your Designer

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