Powerful AI Envisions the Future of Identity Design

I was curious of how AI Envisions the Future of Identity Design, so I asked. AI (artificial intelligence) has been the talk now for some time. As a tool, I believe AI will be a great asset to the creative industry. It has a lot of potential.

Midjourney is the AI platform I used for this experiment. If you haven’t tried MidJourney, you should, it creates some really amazing imagery. For starters, just to get the creative juices flowing, I decided to have Midjourney create a logo design from the future. I started with the Prompt “a mockup of a futuristic business logo” This is what it generated.

While interesting, I wanted to see something more two dimensional, so I went with the prompt “a simple two dimensional, futuristic business logo” and this was the result.

ai logo
future logo from ai

Now this is getting closer to what I was thinking. I like my logos simple after all. But just out of curiosity, I wanted to reword my prompt to make sure it new I was asking it to see into the future. So I went with the prompt “a logo design from the future” and this is what MidJourney came up with.

After looking at all of these results, I have to say it was pretty impressive. One could easily use this tool to create endless inspiration that had never been seen before. What really stuck out to me is no matter how much i insisted on a 2D logo it really wanted to add depth. Perhaps 3D is the future of logo design. Maybe it even crazier. I wanted to see crazier so I tried this prompt “holographic logo design from the future, very realistic, wow factor” and this was the result.

Future of Identity Design
ai envisioned logo

These results were all pretty awesome and it made me wonder, Will simplistic logos be out in the future? Will 3D holographic symbols rule? Out of these logos I did not see any wordmarks, so I wanted to see what that would look like using the holographic prompt. So I asked Midjourney to “Create a logo with the words “Futuristic Designs”, holographic, very realistic, wow factor” and this is what it came up with.

While these are quite awesome, I could not get it to use the words to create an actual wordmark. I wanted to try one more time so I asked again “Create a logo that says “Futuristic Designs”, holographic, very realistic, wow factor” hoping that the wording would make a difference. This was the result.

AI Envisions the Future of Identity Design
ai logo 2d

I’m confident with the right prompting this can be achieved, so I try again just to see “a simple wordmark logo

Getting closer I tried to pull something from the future. “a simple wordmark logo from the future

ai future logo

Still not quite what I was looking for. So either my prompting needs work, or AI does not foresee wordmarks being used as logos in the future.

ai vision of business cards in the future

Moving on I wanted to see how it envisioned business cards, so I asked “business cards from the future“. I like to start simple just to see what happens. This was the result.

Pretty cool, but we have business cards like this now. I wanted to see something out of this world. So I asked MidJourney “amazing business cards from the future that contains name logo and phone number, holograms, electronic, digital, lasers, never before seen“. This was the result.

Ok, so the way AI Envisions the Future of Identity Design is not too far from how most of us might see it. I was hoping for something a little more mind blowing to be honest, but let’s be realistic. It is hard for AI to envision a future that we have not already presented in some form or another. After all currently AI is trained by humans and we are its limitations.

I wanted to try one more thing. I wanted to see if AI could envision the future of identity design in the form of an identity design mockup presentation. So I asked one last time… “generate an identity design mockup presentation from the future, include logo, letterhead, business cards, website, fututistic, from the year 3000, alien technology” I wanted something very cool and futuistic, but I really wanted to to look like a mockup presentation. Here are the results.

I’ll be honest these are pretty impressive, but still not exactly what I was looking for. I wanted the AI to WOW me with something I had never seen before. Unfortunately at least for right now, it’s imagination is limited to the human imagination. It can only imagine in a way that we already do. It can’t really create something new, it can only use ideas that already exist in a different way. This is still very useful.

As I mentioned, I believe AI is going to be an amazing tool for the creative industry. But if you want to create that never before imagined concept that’s going to disrupt the market in ways never seen before, you’re going to have to the legwork yourself. While AI can utilize our imagination to create interesting pieces, the human imagination can create that which has never before been thought of. And as long as that’s the case, we win in the end.

I hope you enjoyed this little dive into how AI Envisions the Future of Identity Design. If you ever need any branding or design work feel free to contact us for a quote. Until next time… Happy Branding!

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