White Isometric Business Cards

As a designer, inspiration and presentation is very important. Last night I stayed up late and as I was scrolling through YouTube, I came across this LIVE safari channel that I often enjoy. Its a great channel, they take you on a live safari tour through Southern Africa. I’ve watched it for many years.

Antelope Inspiration

A beautiful shot of an African Antelope was the first thing I saw while I clicked the clicker. Just staring right at the camera. Every once in a while he would lower his head and start grazing and then lift his head, look around for threats and then stare right back at the camera. The cameraman’s presentation of the antelope was just as impressive as the antelope itself. This inspired me to play around a bit.

I started with a photo of an antelope, outlined the primary shape, then started in on the details. I love simplicity and minimalistic design, which made the antelope a great subject. The lines flowed well and it was perfectly symmetrical.

When I got close to something I liked, I came up with a name. Antelope Apparel. I know, not super creative, but it worked. I picked a font that I felt complimented the design, And I started to think about presentation.

The first thing I did was find some stock imagery of some business cards so that I could make a mockup. After I finished that, I admit I got a little lazy and found some mockup templates, but what the heck, this was just for fun anyway. I found some really cool ones, and while looking through them I also found more inspiration. I was inspired to think outside of the box when it comes to presentation.


Inspiration and presentation

Inspiration can come from many things. A TV show, an ad, a photo, even a thought. And once inspired it sends you into action with a sense of purpose and determination. Inspiration is very important in my line of work but presentation is equally important. Bad presentation devalues your inspiration. When inspired you see a vision. When presenting, you show it off.

How have you been inspired with your work? Have you presented that inspiration with the due diligence it deserves?

Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me all about it.

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