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Branding is an important part of a business. Done right it can create a memorable identity that will represent your business in the eyes of your customers. Done wrong and your business can end up bankrupt. For this reason branding is an element of your business that you must invest in if you want your business to succeed. It can be expensive.

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Why is Branding so Expensive?

The cost of branding varies from company to company. Bigger design firms have a huge overhead to deal with hundreds of clients at a time. The cost of branding with these large firms is going to be on the top end due to its large overhead. Medium sized firms will be slightly less expensive, but still require a hefty investment. One key to the cost of branding, is your businesses worth. What is your businesses value? How important to you, is your businesses success? It all comes down to value and worth. Your brand is how your customers or clients view your business. Your brand is what sells. If your brand is bad, it will not produce. If your brand is good, it will. For this reason you branding is a valuable part of your business. Because without it, your business suffers.

OK.. So it’s expensive… But How Expensive?

Calm down.. I’m getting to it! The truth is, only YOU can answer that question. How much is the success of your business worth to you? How much are you willing to invest? You can hire one of the huge design firms and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. Or you can go with something in the middle and spend tens of thousands on a medium size firm. You can even go smaller with a small business or freelancer, and spend a couple grand. It really all depends on what you are willing to invest. If you can afford to hire the top end design firm, you absolutely should do it. If you can only afford a few thousand, then hire a smaller company. The important thing is that you hire a company that can deliver quality results. It’s important that the company you pick has as much experience as possible. Make sure to look at portfolios, testimonials, and don’t be afraid to haggle a little. Most designers start off with a quote that is flexible, but remember, you are investing in your business, and a well branded business holds greater value than a badly or unbranded business. As your business grows, so does the value of your brand. 

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*Spoiler Alert!  Here Comes The Pitch

Yeah yeah, this is the pitch… Reevl™ has been designing since the 90’s! Well That’s not entirely true. I, Dennis, have been tinkering with design, programming, animation, computers, etc, since around 1997. Reevl™ has been designing since 2007. Let me share my story.


Shutup! Who is this guy? …Anyways.. Around 2007, when the economy was falling apart, I was laid off from my job as an engineering technician at a big SW Florida Engineering firm. I had already been doing logos and some print stuff for people on the side, and I needed to find a way to make income… Nobody was hiring at all. Well I decided to start my business, and I have been doing it ever since. Its been a long 10+ years, but its been very fruitful. I have learned a lot, I have designed thousands of logos, I have worked with some pretty big names, and developed some pretty amazing relationships along the way. 

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The pitch continues…

Reevl™ is not a huge design firm, we are not even a mediums sized firm. We are a small team, with a lot of experience and a passion for branding and design. We won’t charge you hundreds of thousands of dollars, I won’t even charge you tens of thousands of dollars, I may however charge you ones, twos or threes, of thousands of dollars… depending on what you require. For the most part we are experienced, affordable, and available to brand your business with strategy, passion, and expertise. We know what works, and we know what doesn’t. If you trust Reevl™ your brand will be just as good as any of those huge firms, without breaking your bank.

I didn’t intend on drawing this out so much, I just planned on writing about the cost of branding, maybe throw some keywords in there to gain some website visits, and possibly a short pitch like many of my other posts, but sometimes my fingers take control and I just go along for the ride. So I hope, that you now have an understanding about the cost of branding, and you will consider Reevl™ for your branding needs. If you do have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in your brand, while I will gladly take your money and provide you with an amazing brand, do yourself a favor and hire one of the big dogs. They come with dozens of designers, decades of experience, multiple contracts, lots of phone calls, lots of paperwork, plenty of fees….

sorry about that… fingers took control again. Where was I… oh yeah… Seriously branding really is important and you should invest in it wisely. If you can’t afford to invest $10,000+ , I’m your man. 

Good Luck, and Happy Branding!

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