Does Your Brand Need CPR?


Has your business slowed over the last few years? Have you done everything you can think of to reach your potential customers? Have you kept up with the ever changing trends in branding? These are questions every business needs to ask. If you are seeing a reduction or a plateau in your businesses revenue, maybe your business needs a little CPR.

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CPR = Change Product Response

Basically what we are suggesting is that you change how your customers respond to your product or service. You could be selling a break-through product that everyone would love, but if your methods of selling, or your packaging, or overall product identity is not appealing to the customer, they wont look twice. As years pass by and trends change, so does people’s expectations and attractions.

There are a few ways people will respond to your product.

  • They like your product, but decide to pass because a similar product has better packaging or looks more professional or high end.
  • They glance at your product or services but are not intrigued enough to learn more and they move on.
  • They absolutely love your product or service because it meets a specific need, they want to learn more about it because it is visually appealing, they order your product or service because everything about it attracts them.

Though I am focusing on primarily online shops and businesses , it doesn’t rule out stores, shops, offices and other brick and mortar businesses. If your business isn’t presenting itself in an appealing way, your competition is going to get the sell.


Never fear. The Branding lifeguard is on duty. First things first. If Skilled Graphics was to rebrand your business, and yes, we are talking rebranding, we would start with your logo. If you don’t have a logo we would create a logo that will identify your business, appeal to your patrons, and be easily remembered, so that when a customer sees your logo they think of your business. When you see the Starbucks logo, Pepsi logo, or Chanel logo, you unmistakably know that these symbols represent these businesses. This is what branding is all about. 

If you have an existing logo we would evaluate the logo to determine if it needs to be modified, modernized, or totally redesigned. At Skilled Graphics we put a lot of value into your business’s logo. It’s one of the first things, if not THE first thing a customer will see. This is why it needs to make a great first impression.

Once we have the logo situated we will look at other aspects of your business like your website. Do you have one? Is it updated regularly? Do your customers use it? Your website along with social media, plays an important role in how you interact with your customers. It’s one of the key resources that your customer will use to learn about your business. Just like your logo, it is very important that your website is appealing to your market.

Skilled Graphics would design, or redesign your web presence so that it is appealing, user friendly, and in line with the brand that we are trying to establish for your business.

Once your logo and web presence are well branded, the next focal point would be your stationary, business cards and other print materials that your customers would be viewing every day. We would make sure that these items are also in line with your brand and offer your customers the appeal they are looking for. Many businesses make the mistake of putting too much information on their print materials. Fact is, people don’t really like to read. It’s better to attract your potential customers visually first, then you can set the hook once they have bitten.

Once your brand is up to par, success will follow. Your customers will see your products or services in a new light. 

Lets Recap

  1. Logo – Your logo needs to be appealing, simplistic, memorable, and in some way it needs to identify your business.
  2. Web – It is important to have a website as well as social media, both of which are in line with your brand. The website needs to be appealing and user friendly.
  3. Print – Your print materials need to be in line with your overall brand. They need to be minimally informative yet visually attractive. 

If you find your business in desperate need of CPR, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to pull you out of the deep, and launch you into the clouds. 

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