Queen B Cleaning

    Reigning with Majesty and Elegance through a Regal Brand Identity

    Client Overview:
    Queen B Cleaning is a distinguished cleaning service that prides itself on delivering exceptional service fit for royalty. With a vision to establish a regal brand identity, the client desired a design that exuded elegance and commanded attention. The color palette of gold and purple, along with a crown and an elegant font, were chosen to create a majestic visual identity.

    The main objective of this project was to create a brand identity that embodied the regal essence of Queen B Cleaning. This involved designing a captivating logo, selecting a color palette that reflected luxury, and developing marketing materials that conveyed the brand’s professionalism and commitment to excellence.


    Design Process:

    Logo Design:
    The design process began by immersing ourselves in the world of royalty and elegance. The logo was crafted to evoke a sense of majesty, utilizing a combination of gold and purple, symbolic colors associated with luxury and power. The addition of a crown atop an elegant font created a visually striking representation of the brand, capturing the attention and admiration of potential customers.

    Tagline and Stand-Alone Icon:
    To ensure versatility and brand recognition, variations of the logo were created with and without the tagline. This allowed for flexibility in different marketing contexts. Additionally, a stand-alone icon was designed to serve as a recognizable symbol of Queen B Cleaning, even without the full logo present.

    queenlogo 07
    pattern 05 05 05 05

    Marketing Materials:
    To support Queen B Cleaning’s professional image and enhance their brand presence, various marketing materials were developed. Business cards were designed to convey elegance and professionalism, while maintaining consistency with the brand’s visual identity. Flyer designs were crafted to highlight the quality of services offered, showcasing the brand’s commitment to perfection.

    card mock
    cleaningbag edited scaled
    FrontLSShirt edited 1 scaled

    Online Presence:
    Recognizing the significance of an online presence, Reevl™ developed a website that reflected the regal aesthetic of Queen B Cleaning. The website featured captivating imagery, an easy-to-navigate layout, and a wealth of information to educate and engage potential customers. Social media profiles were also established, allowing for direct interaction with clients and sharing the latest updates and promotions.

    sitemock 1
    profile logo

    Every queen needs their royal carriage.


    Results and Impact:

    Regal Brand Identity:
    The final logo design, with its combination of gold and purple, elegant font, and crown emblem, successfully portrays Queen B Cleaning’s regal brand identity. The visual elements collectively create a sense of luxury, excellence, and authority, positioning the company as a premier provider of cleaning services.

    Professional Marketing Materials:
    The business cards and flyers, designed with careful attention to detail, reinforced the brand’s professionalism and attention to quality. These marketing materials effectively communicated the brand’s commitment to delivering a cleaning experience fit for royalty, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients.

    Established Online Presence:
    The website and social media profiles provided a digital platform for Queen B Cleaning to showcase their services, engage with clients, and build credibility. The visually appealing website design and active social media presence helped attract new customers and foster trust among the online community.

    Increased Brand Recognition:
    The cohesive brand identity, featuring the gold and purple color scheme, crown emblem, and elegant typography, has led to increased brand recognition for Queen B Cleaning. The memorable and regal design has positioned the brand as a leader in the industry, fostering trust and loyalty among clients.


    Through meticulous design and strategic brand development, Queen B Cleaning has successfully established a regal brand identity that exudes elegance and commands attention. The captivating logo, accompanied by the gold and purple color palette, creates an aura of luxury and professionalism. The marketing materials and online presence further reinforce the brand’s commitment to excellence. Queen B Cleaning reigns supreme in the cleaning industry, delivering a royal experience to every client and leaving a lasting impression that befits their majestic brand identity.