A Guide to Outsourcing Your Marketing to Achieve Your Sales Goals 

Thanks to sales and marketing agencies and freelance workers, it’s never been easier to achieve your sales and marketing goals by outsourcing your marketing. While building a full sales and marketing team can be costly for small businesses, outsourcing is a great alternative — especially if you don’t have the time or budget to hire and train new team members. It’s also a good option if you’re lacking office space and need your sales and marketing team to work remotely. 

In addition to the many advantages of outsourcing your marketing, there are several cons to be aware of. For one, communicating with outsourced workers can be challenging in some cases. Your workers may live in a different time zone from the rest of your team, and it could be harder to set up meetings or get everyone together in one place. Secondly, you’ll have less control over how and when your contractors work. For this reason, consistent communication is key. 

To learn more about outsourcing your marketing and sales efforts to better achieve your business goals, review this guide from Reevl

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Know What You’re Looking For When Outsourcing Your Marketing

The first step toward outsourcing your marketing is knowing what it is you’re looking for. Are you looking to outsource smaller marketing projects to one or more freelancers, or would an agency be a better option for your business? Some agencies offer branding and website services, while others focus on digital marketing, public relations, social media, and advertising. On the other hand, freelancers can help to manage different aspects of your marketing campaigns.

Whichever route you decide to go, you’ll want to start by identifying your marketing needs. Which sales and marketing goals have you already achieved, and what still needs to be done? What are your competitors doing that you aren’t? What could you do differently to meet the needs of your target market?

Some examples of your marketing needs could include:

  • Creating a website, logo, and brand strategy.
  • Designing printed marketing materials such as business cards, brochures, stationery, and catalogs.
  • Developing a social media presence. 
  • Creating a marketing calendar. 
  • Launching a blog. 

Find the Right Sales and Marketing Pros

Once you’ve determined your marketing needs, you can begin to look for professionals to help you achieve your sales and marketing goals. Reevl’s website is a great starting point for any of your branding and design needs, while Business 2 Community offers some tips for choosing an agency to handle your other marketing needs. If you’d prefer to hire one or more freelancers, however, be sure to check out websites such as Fiverr, Contently, and Guru.

Outsourcing Your Marketing

Collaborate with Your Marketing Team

Regardless of whether you’ve decided to work with freelancers, agencies, or a combination of the two, there are many tools and online services that can be used to collaborate and communicate with your teams. Slack, for instance, is an excellent communication and collaboration tool — while G Suite makes it easy to collaborate on and share everything from word-processing documents and spreadsheets to calendars and photos. 

Other tools make it easier to share and collaborate on PDF documents. It’s true that using PDF files is best to ensure that the formatting of your documents will stay the same and that no images or text will be lost when sharing files between devices, but PDF documents are also more difficult to modify than Word or Excel files. 

This is where online PDF tools come in: they can be used to convert PDFs to editable documents, reorder pages, merge files, and add or delete pages within a PDF document. To remove a page from your PDF document, for instance, all you need to do is upload your file and then delete the extra PDF pages before re-saving your work. 

In Conclusion

If you’re not ready to build an in-house marketing team, you can still achieve your sales and marketing goals by outsourcing the work you need to be done. Online tools and apps make it possible to collaborate on and share PDFs between teams, communicate with your workers, manage multiple projects, and so much more. Start by assessing your marketing needs and taking your time to find the right sales and marketing pros for your business.

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