Mango’s – Smith Mountain Lake VA

    Elevating Smith Mountain Lake’s Premiere Tropical Venue Through Strategic Branding and Identity Design

    Client Overview:
    Mango’s is a tropical venue located at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, aiming to provide a unique and vibrant experience for locals and tourists alike. The client approached Reevl to develop a comprehensive branding strategy and identity design that would position Mango’s as the go-to destination for tropical-themed entertainment, dining, and events in the area.


    The main objective of this project was to create a strong and distinctive brand identity for Mango’s that would capture the essence of its tropical theme and appeal to the target audience. Reevl’s goal was to develop a strategic branding approach that would differentiate Mango’s from competitors, establish a memorable brand presence, and drive customer engagement and loyalty.

    Brand Strategy Development:
    Reevl began the project by conducting in-depth research and analysis of Mango’s target market, competitors, and industry trends. This research served as the foundation for the development of a comprehensive brand strategy that would guide all aspects of Mango’s identity.

    Key elements of the brand strategy included:

    Brand positioning: Reevl defined Mango’s as the premier tropical venue at Smith Mountain Lake, offering an immersive experience of vibrant entertainment, delicious cuisine, and memorable events in a tropical oasis setting.
    Target audience: Through market research, Reevl identified the target audience as a diverse mix of local residents, vacationers, and event planners seeking a unique and tropical experience in a lakeside setting.
    Brand personality: Mango’s was positioned as energetic, fun-loving, and inclusive, with a focus on creating lasting memories and a sense of escapism for customers.
    Unique value proposition: Reevl identified Mango’s unique value proposition as a combination of tropical ambiance, exceptional service, and a wide range of entertainment options, setting it apart from other venues in the area.

    Mangos Brand Identity 01 edited

    Visual Identity Design:
    Based on the developed brand strategy, Reevl proceeded to create a visually compelling identity for Mango’s that would evoke the essence of a tropical paradise while capturing the attention of the target audience.

    Color Palette: Reevl carefully selected a color palette that reflected the vibrancy and warmth of a tropical environment. Rich hues of turquoise, coral, and golden tones were chosen to create a visually appealing and cohesive visual identity across all touchpoints.

    Mangos Brand Identity 02 edited

    Logo Design: The logo design process focused on creating a visually striking and versatile logo that would represent Mango’s in various applications. The final logo incorporated vibrant colors, palm tree motifs, and elegant typography, effectively communicating the tropical theme and upscale experience offered by Mango’s.

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    Collateral Materials: Reevl developed a range of collateral materials, including business cards, menus, brochures, and signage, all designed to align with the brand strategy and visual identity. These materials showcased the Mango’s logo, vibrant colors, and compelling imagery to reinforce the brand experience and leave a lasting impression on customers.


    Results and Impact:
    The strategic branding and identity design implemented by Reevl had a significant impact on Mango’s positioning and overall success in the market.

    Differentiation and Recognition: Mango’s successfully differentiated itself from competitors by offering a unique tropical-themed experience that was distinct to Smith Mountain Lake. The vibrant and cohesive visual identity allowed Mango’s to stand out and be recognized as the premier tropical venue in the area.

    Enhanced Customer Engagement: The strategic branding approach resonated with the target audience, resulting in increased customer engagement. The immersive tropical atmosphere, combined with consistent branding across all touchpoints, created a memorable and captivating experience for visitors, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.

    Increased Market Share: Mango’s successfully captured a significant market share in the Smith Mountain Lake area, becoming the go-to destination for tropical-themed events and entertainment. With its distinctive brand positioning and visually captivating identity, Mango’s attracted a loyal customer base and expanded its reach beyond expectations.

    Business Growth: The implementation of the strategic branding and identity design played a crucial role in Mango’s overall business growth. The enhanced brand recognition and positive brand perception led to increased foot traffic, higher event bookings, and a boost in revenue. Mango’s became synonymous with tropical elegance and a top choice for both local residents and tourists seeking an unforgettable experience.

    Long-Term Brand Equity: The successful branding strategy developed by Reevl laid a solid foundation for Mango’s long-term brand equity. The consistent application of the brand identity across various marketing channels and touchpoints ensured a cohesive and recognizable presence in the market. As Mango’s continues to thrive and expand its offerings, the strong brand identity serves as a powerful asset, fostering customer trust, loyalty, and continued business growth.

    In conclusion, Reevl’s comprehensive branding strategy and identity design for Mango’s transformed it into Smith Mountain Lake’s premier tropical venue. The strategic positioning, captivating visual identity, and immersive brand experience have set Mango’s apart from competitors and created a lasting impact on its target audience. With a vibrant and cohesive brand presence, Mango’s has successfully established itself as the ultimate destination for tropical-themed entertainment, dining, and events, consistently delivering on its promise of a memorable and enchanting experience for all who visit.