82 BBQ

    Savoring Authentic BBQ Delights with a Rustic Brand Identity

    Client Overview:
    82 BBQ is a renowned BBQ restaurant located in the Hudson Valley, known for its mouthwatering, authentic BBQ dishes. Seeking to enhance their brand presence, the client enlisted our expertise to develop a new brand identity that would capture the essence of their delicious food and rustic charm.

    The primary objective of this project was to create a brand identity that reflected the unique character of 82 BBQ while evoking a sense of authenticity and warmth. This involved designing a captivating logo, developing menus that showcased their delectable offerings, and creating marketing materials that would resonate with their target audience.

    82 BBQ

    Design Process:

    Logo Design:
    The design process commenced with careful consideration of 82 BBQ’s rustic charm and desire for a worn and weathered aesthetic. Multiple logo styles were explored to encapsulate the essence of the restaurant. Ultimately, a logo resembling a worn and weathered route sign was chosen, symbolizing the restaurant’s journey and commitment to delivering authentic BBQ experiences.

    logo optionsB3

    ob scaled

    Menu Design:
    To complement the brand identity, new menus were crafted with a similar worn and weathered look. These menus showcased the mouthwatering dishes, highlighting the rich flavors and textures of 82 BBQ’s offerings. Attention to detail was given to ensure legibility while maintaining the restaurant’s rustic appeal.


    Marketing Collateral:
    In addition to menus, various marketing materials were developed to enhance the brand’s visibility. A strategically designed bus stop advertisement aimed to capture the attention of passersby, enticing them to visit 82 BBQ. Other collateral, such as branded cups, hoodies, and hats, were created to promote the restaurant’s identity beyond the premises, fostering a sense of community among customers.

    logo optionsB4
    82hoodie scaled

    Results and Impact:

    Authentic Rustic Brand Identity:
    The final logo, resembling a worn and weathered route sign, successfully represents 82 BBQ’s commitment to authenticity and adds a touch of rustic charm. The logo captures the essence of the restaurant’s heritage and evokes a sense of warmth and familiarity that resonates with customers seeking an authentic BBQ experience.

    Delectable Menu Presentation:
    The new menu designs effectively showcase 82 BBQ’s mouthwatering offerings, utilizing the worn and weathered aesthetic to create a cohesive brand experience. The carefully curated design elements enhance the presentation of the dishes, further enticing customers to indulge in the flavorful delights that await them.

    Enhanced Brand Visibility:
    The marketing collateral, including the bus stop advertisement, branded cups, hoodies, and hats, have contributed to increased brand visibility for 82 BBQ. These materials not only serve as promotional tools but also foster a sense of community among customers who proudly display their affiliation with the restaurant. The rustic branding resonates with the target audience, drawing them in and solidifying their loyalty.

    Customer Engagement and Loyalty:
    The cohesive brand identity, captured through the logo, menus, and marketing collateral, has led to increased customer engagement and loyalty. The authentic and rustic charm of 82 BBQ’s brand resonates with customers, forging a connection that goes beyond the food itself. The brand identity serves as a testament to the exceptional dining experience customers can expect, fostering trust and loyalty among the community.


    Through a meticulous design process, 82 BBQ has successfully established an authentic and rustic brand identity that encapsulates the essence of their delicious BBQ cuisine. The worn and weathered logo, menus, and marketing collateral serve as powerful visual representations of the restaurant’s heritage and commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences. With increased brand visibility and customer engagement, 82 BBQ continues to delight patrons in the Hudson Valley, satisfying their cravings for delectable BBQ delights while creating a lasting impression of warmth, authenticity, and culinary excellence.