The King Bows To Presentation

We’ve all heard it before. CONTENT IS KING! This is true! When it comes to your online presence, your website, social media etc.. content is extremely important. Your content helps determine ranking in search engines. Your content is what the viewer is seeking. The better the content the better the engagement overall.

Whether your content is information about a state park, or a portfolio for your artwork. The quality of that content is what puts you ahead of the next guy or gal.
What if I told you that this mighty King, has a God and that God is called Presentation. While content is an important factor in your online presence, if it is not presented as royalty, it won’t be treated as such. Your King needs a God! Presentation determines whether your content will be consumed or ignored. Presentation grabs the viewers’ attention, so that the content can reign supreme.

As a designer, I will use a portfolio as an example. You may be an amazing designer. You may have an eye for detail and a superhuman insight on what works and what doesn’t. Your skill may be unmatched in the industry. However, what good is any of that, if you present your work in rags. Your designs are your content in this example. It is some of the best content ever created by man, but you display it without the love it deserves. In order to display your content in a way that it’s royalty blood flows freely, you must deliver it in all of its majesty. You must call upon the Kings Royal court and summon the God of Presentation! Your content is King and it should be treated as such!

This all applies to every aspect of your online presence and even in your offline presence. Whether you are a designer, a blogger, an IT professional, a restaurant owner, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that your content is superb and it is attractive to your viewers.


There are many ways to enhance how your content is presented. This can be done through the use of graphics, images, mockups, I could write another entire article about how to compliment your content with a worthy presentation. Maybe that’s will be my next blog, who knows. What is important is that you understand that presentation is God in the Kingdom of content. 

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