PASSION AND CREATIVITY, It’s what keeps me waking up morning after morning ready to work. It’s the passion behind the work that keeps me inspired and encouraged. It’s seeing my work in use in the real world on display for the entire world to see. 

Passion and Creativity

This is an industry that is driven by passion and creativity. I use that phrase “passion and creativity”, not as two separate words but as one harmonic force. Without passion, there is little to no creativity. In order to light the fire of creative inspiration, you must have a passion for what you are doing. That brings us to another term, inspiration. Inspiration is another element of creativity. All creation comes from inspiration. Whether it derives from an idea, a picture, a problem, or any other source, every creative work is a result of some kind of inspiration.


These terms are all connected forces that drive us to do what we do. They push and pull us to solve problems, deliver messages, create unity, persuade, and entertain. Think about that last one. Entertain. Does an identity designer entertain? Absolutely! One of the best traits of a great designer is the ability to deliver a message that pleases the viewer. That is exactly what branding is all about. We seek to connect to a customer intimately. We aim to encourage their trust and create a relationship.

Emotional Response

These are very sentimental strategies. The ability to provoke an emotional response is something that comes from inside. It takes deep thought on a psychological level. Similar to how you wont find a psychologist that deplores people, you won’t find a designer that doesn’t have passion for their work. It’s a requirement in this field. 


When a business consults a professional to work on their branding, they are seeking someone that has this passion and creativity that we’re talking about. They need someone that can understand the problem, break it down on a psychological level and create a strategy to resolve the problem. That solution will call for more than just putting a few heads together. Unless those heads contain the passion and creativity required to solve the problem, they might as well be banging them together.

banged head

Designers may or may not be born with this talent. Ultimately if they are in this industry or any creative field, they have it, will develop it, or they will seek another career.

For some companies a bachelor’s degree is a requirement. it’s a poor limitation in my opinion. Someone with a degree in design but lacks passion and creativity, would be an extremely poor fit for any design job. However, someone with a GED and an abundance of passion and creativity, will take that business to its maximum potential. It’s a shame that so many businesses will dismiss a designer based on the lack of a degree. Anyone with the privilege to attend a school can earn a degree but not just anyone has the traits required to excel at branding and design. 

One of the greatest feelings in this business is seeing the finished product in action. When a new business sign is revealed, when the business cards come off the press, when the new logo decal is stuck to a work van. As the designer you feel pride in your work knowing that you have helped create a successful brand.

business sign - branding

Passion fuels the creativity that leads to that pride. Pride in your work is not something you find in all professions. When I was a welder, sure I would be proud of my welds, but it was different. This was something that no one would ever notice except maybe another welder but with branding design, it will be seen by hundreds, thousands, millions even. And it’s not just you that’s proud of it, the business that you helped, wears it like a badge of honor. The customer that buys the product that they love, they all share in that pride.


A designer loves what he does. He or she is compelled to create. There were times in my career where work was slow. During that time I found inspiration in everything. When watching a tv show, reading a brochure or a magazine, looking at the clouds, everything was inspiration. I would work on projects that didn’t exist, create identities for fictitious businesses, I would work even when there was none. How many professionals have that passion for what they do? When working on an actual project, that passion summons creativity and the designer puts his heart and soul into creating something great. 

Sometimes this job requires a designer to work on something that doesn’t interest them. It doesn’t matter. The designer will still feel excitement as the vision comes to life. It’s the result that’s always on our minds. Knowing that you are working on a strategy or a design that will ultimately increase the value of a business and strengthen the relationship with its customers.. I’m not saying a designer won’t have bad days or feel anxiety at times but the force that pushes them through it, has more to do with passion, than a paycheck. 

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