Brand Identity

    A startup supplement company that offers supplement capsules that support immune health and claim to extend life. Octrium required an identity design that reflected their brand as a friendly company that care about the lives of its customers.

    identity design for octrium

    Reevl started with creating a color palette
    that was soft and welcoming. We decided
    to utilize a spectrum of colors to reflect
    Octrium’s availability to all regardless of
    gender or age.

    color palette

    logo options

    black and white logos

    Reevl created a pattern system
    based on parts from the logo emblem.

    brand identity pattern

    Print design mockups.

    business card mockup
    stationery mockup
    booklet mockup

    Reevl designed labels for
    the 60 tablet Octrium bottles.

    pill bottle label design mockup

    T-Shirts with the Octrium branding.

    t-shirts mockup

    Window sign mockup.

    window logo mockup