Do I Need A Logo For My Business To Be Successful

Do i need a logo for my business to be successful? Is that little icon really that important? These can be complicated questions, but the answer is simple. The answer is the difference in hot and cold, night and day, success and failure. I’m Dennis Bosher, Owner of Skilled Graphics. And I’m here to answer that question.


Lets look at it like this. What if you and I had no face?What if we all walked around without an expression?You could look right at me, and not have a clue about who i was. A persons face, is very similar to a businesses logo.A persons face shows who a person is, it shows what they are all about. If you see a man with a happy, cheerful, smiling  face, your going to get the impression, that that mans pretty happy with life, he’s probably pretty fun to be around. You get a good idea about this persons character. Now imagine this same man had no face. Just a blank expression with no personality.

Well the same is to be said about a business without a logo. Your businesses logo represents what your business is about. If you walk by a building, and on that building you see the name, “Bills Car Repair”, well you know two things about this place, one, its run by Bill, and two, they repair cars. Is that enough to get some business? Sure it is. But is it enough to tell your customers exactly what you represent. Absolutely NOT! Suppose you keep on walking and you come across another building. This one has a name on it too. “Jake’s Auto” and next to the text is an amazing logo! The logo consist of a sparkling automobile, with three smiling men working on it. What does this tell you about “Jake’s Auto”? Well, it tells you a lot more than it would without the logo. At Jake’s Auto, we know the owner is Jake, and they do auto repair, but now thanks to the logo, we also know that we will receive fast service, shown by multiple men working on the car. We know that we will receive friendly service by the smiles on their faces. We know that we don’t have to worry about smudges or other damage caused by the repair, because of the sparkling car. All of this from one logo. Now where would you like to take you car? “Bills Car Repair” or Jake’s, Fast, Friendly, Responsible, Automotive, Repair.

Logos are important to a business for numbers of reasons. A good logo gives your business an identity. It also gives your customers a way to remember your business. Does your business need a logo? If you want to progress in this world it surely does. Do you know of any very successful business, that doesn’t have a recognizable logo? Thank about Google, Microsoft, Apple, Pepsi, Toyota, Sony, Burger King, Walmart, All of the most popular companies in the world have some kind of logo. Whether it be a simple but unique style of text, or a colorful, abstract work of art.

Logos do more than show who your business is. They also shout professionalism. A good logo says, I am a professional in a professional world. It says this is who we are, and this is our seal of professionalism. A logo offers a sense of comfort to a customer. 

I hope i have answered your question. Your businesses identity and success depends on your logo. It is a very important factor in a successful business. I have been a graphic designer for over 10 years. And i have seen what a great logo can do for a business. I have personally witnessed no name businesses, turning into giants in their industry, directly after purchasing their first business identity package. Do yourself, your employees, and your business a favor and have a logo designed, that’s just right for your business.

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